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    Solar Panels capture the Sun's energy to generate electricity both cleanly and efficiently at the point it is needed.


    The Sun’s energy creates a DC current by transferring photon energy into electrical energy within the silicone cells of the solar panels.


    DC current is generated by your solar panels at the most needed times, during the middle of day and during the warmer months when electricity is at its peak demand.


    Solar Panels are ideally located facing north and tilted around 30 degrees angle, this will maximise generation of your system.


    Next, your inverter is used to turn the DC Current from your solar panels into AC current for powering the appliances in households or business. Inverters are selected to best match the individual installation.


    Buildings with a solar system installed will use any solar electricity they generate first, and if more electricity is required this will source from the grid.


    Any extra electricity they generate is fed back into the grid.


    A new meter will be installed, this will be able to accurately measure what electricity you buy from the grid and what you may export back to the grid.


    Remember, solar electricity should be tailored to you.

    Domestic Solar   --  How Solar Works