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Our Partners

    Energy Efficiency

    Our clients invest significantly to generate their own solar electricity, why use and pay for electricity that may not be required. HelioEnergy want you to do the same with less!


    HelioEnergy can also assist with a number of simple strategies  for home or business, that will work in conjunction with any solar investment.





    HelioEnergy have assisted with energy efficient lighting for clients.


    Recent development in CFL technologies have provided significant savings for many homes & businesses, still today CFL lighting offers a cost effective solutions providing both reduced consumption and maintenance requirements.


    LED lights also offer reduced consumption and maintenance.


    HelioEnergy can assist with new efficient technologies for Down lights, Traditional Globes, HiBays, Spotlights, Traditional Fluro Tubes





    Electrical equipment for households and business is a key user of energy.


    HelioEnergy has worked with clients, and partners to reduce energy use at many of these points.


    Assessments have led to simple strategies like the removal of standby power, the review of operational hours and business case recommendations for the investment in newer energy efficient equipment.


    HelioEnergy understand efficient equipment and upgrades are both important factors in designing Domestic and Commercial Solar. All can be major investments and should work in tandem to decrease your dependence on the electricity retailer.




    Monitoring electricity can provide an ongoing insight to your usage pattern.


    HelioEnergy have installed both commercial and domestic monitoring systems, these have been as simple as additional sub meters to determine exact energy use of a particular piece of equipment, building or solar generation.


    We have provided remote and web based solutions for more complex reporting. Monitoring can provide a snap shot or as a basis for continual improvement.


    At HelioEnergy we aim to have our clients involved in sharing the success of their projects, monitoring enables us to see the results we have achieved.


    Power Quality


    Power Quality can be an issue for many large users and commercial clients.


    HelioEnergy has worked in conjunction with power factor correction experts to identify business case examples and recommend opportunities for demand reduction programs.


    While HelioEnergy does not directly manage power factor operations, we understand that this may be part of your overall solution.



    HelioEnergy have experienced staff able to assist with making your home or business more efficient.