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    Government Support


    Renewable Energy has been supported by governments for many years, it is available today to households and business in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificate's (STC's).


    Currently the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target legislation (2001 & 2009) means that 20% of Australia's electricity will be produced by renewable sources like solar, wind & hydro power by 2020.


    Renewable energy provided close to 13% of all electricity in 2012/13, with little hydro to be built, it appears Solar and Wind are set to provide the rest over the next 7 years.


    Smaller Producers of renewable energy (less that 100kW generation) are eligible for STC's under the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target legislation.


    HelioEnergy includes the discount for STC's in the price we offer our customers and this reduces your out of pocket expense and removes the STC market price risk.



    Feed In Tariff


    Currently in NSW there is no Government Feed in Tariff available to new solar connection, however you can still save money with solar.


    HelioEnergy design solar installations with the goal of reducing your electricity bills by replacing expensive peak daytime energy consumption with your own solar generation.


    We design solar installations with minimal "wastage", that is green energy you may send back to the grid that electricity companies can sell at a premium.


    If your electricity rates are 25c/kWh of "Shoulder" & 27c/kWh for "Peak", any solar you use will be a saving at these rate.


    These savings make solar a viable investment now, and will remove risk of future power increases.



    Note: Individual electricity retailers may offer their own arrangements on Feed in Tariff.