Commercial Solar

More and more businesses start to consider commercial solar power as a compelling strategy to offset their electricity consumption while minimizing their carbon footprint.

HelioEnergy has years experience providing cost-effective power solutions to help business owners to manage their financial objectives while increase their energy independency. As a renewable clean energy, solar power can not only benefit families but also businesses. It turned out to be a profitable and enjoyable experience for most of our commercial clients.

Commercial solar power is different from residential solar power, most commercial energy consumption is mainly in the daytime, for instance. Our specialists at HelioEnergy have noticed the differences that’s why we endeavour to offer well-designed installation and maintenance packages for varied businesses with high-performance products. Whenever necessary, we design customized systems particular to clients requirements.

Commercial solar power can bring business tax advantages for company which is liable for a carbon tax. A commercial solar PV system will reduce the amount of tax payable due to the reductions of carbon emissions.

If reducing electricity consumption and contributing to clean energy are your consideration, contact us now, we are ready to help.

We work together with our commercial clients in the following process,

  • STEP 1: Contact us and we will conduct a thorough assessment over your facilities and equipment. As a result, you'll receive a financial assessment outlining the expected performance and income generating potential of the system.

  • STEP 2: Book an installation date with HelioEnergy and sign a Works Contract.

  • STEP 3: We organize all necessary approvals & install your system so it is ready for the meter change.

  • STEP 4: An authorised service provider will go to install your meter.

  • STEP 5: Your place is now energised with clean and sustainable energy.

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