Energy Efficieny

HelioEnergy is a full-service renewable energy company. We not only deliver top quality installations, but also assist with a number of simple strategies for home or business that will work in conjunction with any solar investment.

  • Lighting

    By using innovative new technologies, you can reduce the amount of energy you use without reducing your quality of life or your efficiency at work.
    Recent development in CFL technologies has provided significant savings for many homes & businesses, still today CFL lighting offers a cost effective solutions providing both reduced consumption and fulfilment of maintenance requirements.
    LED lighting is another option.
    HelioEnergy can provide clients with energy efficient LED lighting to significantly reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs. The products include state-of-art efficient LED down lights, panel troffer lights, high bays lights, Spotlights, Flood lights and etc. Incorporated with dimming and sensor technologies, our light solutions will make our clients investment to be paid back in about one year.
  • Equipment

    It is estimated that electrical appliances represent approximately 40% of a household’s energy use. For businesses, electrical appliances/equipment take a even bigger share of the total energy use.
    HelioEnergy understands efficient equipment and upgrades are both important factors in designing Domestic and Commercial Solar as electrical equipment is a key component of energy use. All can be major investments and should work in tandem to decrease your dependence on the electricity retailer.
    HelioEnergy has worked with clients and partners to reduce energy use at many of these points.
    Assessments have led to simple strategies like the removal of standby power, the review of operational hours and business case recommendations for the investment in newer energy efficient equipment. For instance, You can use standby power controllers or turn off small appliances like your kettle when you’re not using them. They might not do big difference, but they can consume 5% of average Australia household bills.
  • Monitoring

    Monitoring electricity can provide an ongoing insight to your usage pattern, so you can find out where energy is consumed around your home or business.
    HelioEnergy is capable of installing, monitoring and analysing energy monitoring equipment on specific items, building or solar generation, and we have a wide project portfolio of both commercial and domestic monitoring systems.
    We have provided remote and web based solutions for more complex reporting. Monitoring can provide a snap shot or work as a basis for continual improvement.
    At HelioEnergy we encourage our clients get involved in sharing the successes of their projects, and monitoring enables us to see the results we have achieved.
  • Power Quality

    Power Quality can be an issue for many large-scale users and commercial clients.
    HelioEnergy has worked in conjunction with power factor correction experts to identify business case examples and recommend opportunities for demand reduction programs.
    While HelioEnergy does not directly manage power factor operations, we understand that this may be part of your overall solution.

HelioEnergy has experienced staff who is able to assist with making your home or business more efficient.
With HelioEnergy your satisfaction is guaranteed and an ongoing experience.

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